How do I decide on a major/career?

There are myriads of majors and careers from which to choose! You may not decide on a major until you’re in college, and that’s ok!  It’s important, however, to consider some important questions and narrow down what your interests and passions are. This process can help guide you to the best college for you, and which path to take while you’re there. Begin by asking yourself:

  • If I could do anything at all, without regard to cost, it would be?
  • What can I see myself doing (and enjoying) for 40 hours, five days a week?
  • Besides money, what other reasons do I want to go into this field?
  • What is the bright side of choosing this career?
  • What is the downside to choosing this career?
  • How many years of education will prepare me for this field?   Are there additional requirements? (i.e. a master’s or doctorate degree? Technical school? Internship?)

Things you can do to help narrow down what you want to major in:

  • Research jobs that seem interesting to you.  Start here: Explore Careers
  • Take career aptitude tests (see below).
  • Complete the following questionnaire about your passions, strengths, interests, experiences, & goals/dreams: Questionnaire for Majors and Careers
  • Interview parents, teachers and mentors about their jobs.  Ask them questions regarding:
    • Daily tasks
    • Work environment
    • Hours of work
    • Skills needed to perform their job
    • The best part of their job
    • The worst part of their job
  • Shadow someone for a day who has a job that’s interesting to you.
  • Volunteer your time at a workplace that seems interesting to you.  (Ex. If you want to work in the medical field, volunteer at the hospital. If you want to work with kids, babysit, or volunteer at a daycare or after school tutoring program.)

 Career Aptitude Tests:

  • College Board  With an access code from your PSAT results, you gain access to quizzes that help you find out your strengths and best possible majors and careers for YOU!  There are three parts:
    • Personality Profile- 3 sections of 125 questions help define your personality type
    • Major Quiz- 6 questions determine a list of majors that may fit you best
    • Career Quiz- 8 questions determine possible career avenues
  • Washington Career Bridge  – Explore Careers, View Job Trends, View Education Options
  •  MyMajors   Quiz to find out possible majors and careers and colleges.  Register and begin the quiz!

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