Proven Academic Success
What does success look like in high school? For Rainier Christian Schools, it is a fact that consistently, 97% of our graduates enroll in colleges and universities. Our college preparatory focus ensures that each of our students receives an education that meets or exceeds the requirements for college enrollment. Beyond that, our graduates are comprehensively prepared for the rigors of higher education and are currently thriving at schools such as The Naval Academy, University of Washington, and Corban University.graduation

We provide small class-size experiences (with 15-20 students in each class), and we hire experienced faculty members who not only offer superior academic and teaching abilities, but who are passionate about the students they mentor every day.

Averaging 12 years’ teaching experience, most of our faculty members has a bachelor’s degree and many have earned an advanced degree, teaching credential, or both.

All our energies on a learning experience are designed to last a lifetime. By integrating academics, student activities, athletics, and service projects under an umbrella of a Christ-centered program, we create an empowered biblical worldview. We build a solid foundation upon which the important decisions of life can be made.

Scholarships Offered:

  • 2012 – $435,723
  • 2013 – $1,137,484
  • 2014 – $673,507