What some of our students are accomplishing in Independent Studies…

I am taking a language course at home, since my mother is an approved German teacher.
I am taking 2 Edgenuity classes, and looking to take 2 more next semester. I am also doing a self-directed PE class at home. I log on and my parents sign off.
I am taking a self-directed Geometry class at home in order to advance my math track for next year.
I am doing a journalism understudy program with Mrs. Rosin. I now produce our weekly school bulletin, and I am looking to expand this into a Student Body newsletter.

Other ways to earn credits…

  • A program was just developed to offer a Team Manager position during fall sports. This is equivalet to .5 credits of Occupational/Professional.
  • Play a full season of a sport, and you can waive .5 PE credits per year (.5 credits is the limit)
  • If you are struggling with a class, you can take an alternative course to get the additional assistance.
  • Online ASL classes are accepted as a Foreign Language credit
  • Take a CD/self-directed course of the Pacific Northwest History (which is required for a diploma)

Future Ideas…

  • Internships – find an employer who will allow you to work part time, and based on your evaluation, this could be an elective credit.
  • Take a mission trip, document your work/hours logged, and have an evaluation given by a pastor, and this could count for an elective credit.