Rainier Christian Schools Part Time Program & Independent Studies was created to offer a flexible and affordable alternative Christian education to all students and families.
RCS Academy Summer CoursesRainierChristianSchools_Academy

  • Man Camp: What is Biblical Manhood
  • Do Hard Things U.: How to make pallet furniture
  • Website 101: How to build a website
  • Business 101: Direct Marketing
  • Cooking 101: How to make 12 easy meals
  • World Religions: False Religions Survey
  • Mission Minded: Mercy Missions to Widow, Orphan , Poor
  • Two Become one: Preparation for Marriage
  • H.A.M.M.E.R.S.: How to study the Bible
  • Fundraise.com: Fundraising
  • What is Prayer: Study of Real Prayers in the Bible
  • Foundations of Christianity: Fundamentals of the Faith
  • Think Again: Critically Think through Pop Culture
  • Jet Tour of OT/ NT: Bible Outlines
  • Progress of Redemption: A Study of Christ Throughout the Bible
  • Goal Setting: How to set Goals

For more information email: info@rcsd.org