THE MUSTANG WAY The Mustang Way Booklet  The Mustang Way Video

Faith – Distinctly Christian in everything we do  Faith Video

  • Bible Classes lay the foundation for the fundamentals of Christian faith
  • Chapels are biblically based, worship driven and age appropriate
  • Mentor groups led by staff and teachers and are designed to engage and cover a variety of topics
  • Christian teachers, staff and coaches that lead class in prayer and teach from a Christian worldview
  • Integrated curriculum includes the Christian story in history, math, science, etc
  • Evangelistic component throughout our classes, chapels, mentor groups and programs
  • Prayer is an essential part of our dependence and relationship with our God

Fundamentals – Building the foundation of excellent Christian education – Fundamentals Video

  • 3 R’s of Academics provide the proven base for academic success
  • Study techniques and habits are developed throughout our programs
  • Critical thinking coursework and projects are woven throughout our curriculum
  • Introduction to business development, innovation, critical thinking, and adulthood
  • Fundamentals of the Faith lay the foundation for a great inter-denominational Christian education

Fellowship – We are in the people business! Fellowship Video

  • Godly faculty and staff who passionately disciple children
  • Godly administrators leading our schools and programs
  • Godly directors who know and have a passion for Christian education
  • Parents who actively participate in our Christian community
  • Children who love and serve the Lord
  • Valuable friendships, as iron sharpens iron

Fun – Creating an exciting and passionate experience Fun Video

  • FISH Philosophy implemented by passionate and energetic staff
  • Fun is an attitude, not an activity
  • Everybody at RCS is passionately into their role
  • Always – Service with a smile!
  • You will have a great experience at RCS
  • Creative, engaging and fun curriculum
  • Rigorous and competitive academic programs in all disciplines
  • Comprehensive athletic program and PE classes which are competitive and compelling for Christ at all times
  • Special and memorable assemblies and innovative field trips and activities
  • A quality music, drama, and visual arts program that develops skills and creative talents in our students
  • Missions & Outreach provide the ability to support every student seeking opportunities to serve the Lord
  • Events that develop strong relationships with parents, alumni, grandparents, businesses, donors, volunteers, and others

Finances – God honoring stewardship 

  • Tuition and fees based on balanced budgets
  • Fiscally responsible and accountable stewardship
  • Generous and compassionate Scholarships/Financial Aid programs
  • Endowments for each of the following: Scholarships, Faculty/Staff Training and Support, Facilities, Athletics, Fine Arts, Sciences, and Missions
  • Strategically executed capital campaigns to acquire and build facilities and to grow endowments
  • Debt-free 5 year plan
  • In class business courses are offered to our students so that they learn to be God honoring stewards